Gustoso Aguardiente Rum
40% ALC | 80 PROOF | 100% Mexican Cane Sugar


Gustoso Aguardiente is made from 100% cane sugar from fields in the eastern hills of of Uruapan, Michoacan. A smooth, richly-flavored, medium-bodied dark golden rum with depth and woody complexity. Not as sweet as many Caribbean rums, Gustoso rum is a must for serious rum aficionados and rum mixologist seeking a Mexican twist to tradition.

AROMA: Complex and creamy aromas of brown sugar, vanilla, caramelized banana and hazelnut.
TASTE: Dry, yet lush palate entry with abundant flavors of toffee, baked apple, and vanilla bean throughout an enduring finish.

About Gustoso Aguardiente Rum

Classic Mexican Rhum Mojito

Make the perfect mojito with our sustainably sourced aguardiente rhum from Mexico.

Gustoso Libre

Viva la liberacion! A classic cocktail made with Gustoso Rum, cola and lime juice.

Gustoso Watermelon Agua Fresca Cocktail

Un Momentito, Mixology Coming Soon!